Epilepsy Ireland National Conference 2021

On Saturday, October 2, 2021 Epilepsy In English (EiE) workshops will be launched at the Epilepsy Ireland National Conference.

For the final event of the Conference, EiE will be launching a series of workshops scheduled for November 2021. The focus of the workshops is to increase the knowledge of epilepsy research for those affected by epilepsy and their loved ones.

During the launch, Dr. Christina Rudell Rescke will introduce and give an oversight of what this overall project is trying to achieve and how it came about while Dr. Matthew Campbell will provide information about Gene Therapy; FutureNeuro Director Professor David Henshall will speak about new treatments for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy; Dr. Yvonne Langan will discuss SUDEP; and finally, PhD candiate & clinical researcher Jack Banks will speak about technological developments in monitoring epilepsy.

The launch is designed to entice interest in ongoing epilepsy research and to encourage people to attend the series of workshops which will be announced following this launch event.

If you’re interested in research and want to learn more about emerging developments in epilepsy, this event and the following workshops are not to be missed.

TIME: 12:15pm – 14:00pm
REGISTRATION: This event will be held on zoom. To register your attendance for this event, click HERE. 


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