Opportunity to design a digital health study and apply for PhD funding

We are seeking a self-motivated and forward thinking individual who is interested in pursuing a PhD in the area of digital health and would like to join the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and Epilepsy Ireland in applying for funding under the Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Scheme (Postgraduate)

About the Research

Epilepsy is a chronic, noncommunicable condition of the brain characterised by recurrent seizures. In Ireland, it is believed that up to 37,000 people are living with epilepsy. Empowered self-management of this condition encompasses a set of skills and behaviours with which a person living with epilepsy can enact in order to improve their overall health and lessen the impact of seizures on their lives. Complementing this, is the emergence of digital and connected health technologies.

Digital health tools such as consumer facing and remote monitoring devices have the potential to positively impact on patient outcome, experience, and healthcare provision. Among the technologies commercially available to people with epilepsy are wearable automated seizure detection devices. The potential for these to assist in managing risk associated with epilepsy is significant, but technologies developed thus far are varied, frequently complex, inconsistently validated and often confusing.

This study aims to bring together consultant neurologists, patient advocacy groups, academic researchers in the area of digital and connected health and most importantly, people living with epilepsy. Together, we wish to explore the nuances surrounding wearable devices on the health, wellbeing and quality of life of people living with epilepsy, their carers and family members. The study will use quantitative and qualitative methods to capture the lived experience of patients and family members using seizure detection devices. Incorporating patient activated measures (PAMS), the results of this study will inform where seizure detection devices can be used optimally to promote self-management within the ecosystem of epilepsy care.


Potential Candidates

We are now seeking a one-page expression of interest from individuals outlining their background and experiences to date and their motivation to participating in a research study.

The ideal candidate would bring the following experiences and skills:

  • Background in digital health, human health and disease or biosocial science
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills e.g. grant and report writing
  • Experience and knowledge of Public and Patient Involvement in Research
  • Demonstrated qualitative and quantitative analysis


1pm, Thursday 18th November 2021 – Submit Expression of Interest

4pm, Thursday 02nd December 2021– Submit application to Irish Research Council

September 2022 – If application successful, commencement of PhD



Submit your Expression of Interest and/or queries to Jack Banks at banksja@tcd.ie.






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