Claire McCoy
Funded Investigators, Multiple Sclerosis, RCSI
Disease Areas:Multiple Sclerosis
Thematic Area:Therapeutics
Areas of expertise:microRNA
Multiple Sclerosis

Dr Claire McCoy obtained a BA (Mod) in Biochemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 2001 and a PhD from the University of Dundee in 2006. She returned to Trinity College Dublin as post-doctoral researcher in Prof Luke O'Neill's lab where she was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship for her work on miRNAs in macrophages of the immune system. In 2016, she joined RCSI as a Senior Lecturer in Immunology. Her research group is focused on understanding the impact of the immune system in Multiple Sclerosis, with the aim to understand how manipulation of microRNAs and metabolic pathways in macrophages may be therapeutically harnessed for the treatment of MS. Claire is the recipient of multiple research awards from SFI, IRC, NHMRC, Wellcome Trust and MS Australia. Most notably, Claire was the recipient of the highly prestigious SFI Future Research Leader Award presented by the President of Ireland in January 2018. She consults for MS Ireland and the Irish MS Research Consortium.

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