Elisabeth Jirström
Motor Neurone Disease, PhD Students
Email: elisabethjirstrom@rcsi.com
Disease Areas:Motor Neurone Disease
Thematic Area:Diagnostics, Therapeutics
Areas of expertise:non-coding RNA, tiRNA, Molecular biology, Cell biology
Supervisor:Jochen Prehn

Elisabeth is a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Jochen Prehn. She holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology Engineering from Lund University in Sweden. Her research focuses on the role of tiRNAs in motor neurone disease (MND). tiRNAs are a newly discovered class of small non-coding RNAs which are generated in response to cellular stress and impaired tiRNA production is linked to neurodegeneration. The aim of her PhD is to investigate the disease-specific ‘fingerprint’ of tiRNAs in disease models of MND and to explore their function in neuronal stress responses, with the long-term goal to deliver novel prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for MND. Her PhD is funded by the RCSI StAR International PhD programme.

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