Kevin Power
Epilepsy, Postdoctoral Researchers, RCSI
Disease Areas:Epilepsy
Thematic Area:eHealth
Areas of expertise:Electronic Health Records, Patient Portal Technology, Health Informatics
Supervisor:Mary Fitzsimons

Dr Kevin Power is a Postdoc Fellow in Health Services and eHealth Research currently responsible for conducting a specific schedule of research investigating the role of an electronic patient portal to the national Epilepsy Electronic Patient Record (EPR) in promoting a paradigm of Person and Family Centred Care in Epilepsy. A core component of this role is the development and examination of meaningful co-production partnerships between healthcare professionals, patients, families and communities that interact with the Epilepsy Patient Portal. Previously Kevin worked as Implementation Manager & Requirements Engineer for the Epilepsy Lighthouse Project responsible for the development and co-production of the Epilepsy Patient Portal that allows epilepsy patients to access and interact with their own health records via a mobile device. In this role Kevin also managed the co-production, development and implementation of a genomics module to the Epilepsy EPR and developed data analytics capabilities features to allow for safe interrogation of data contained within the EPR. Kevin's PhD investigated requirements development in technology integration in primary dementia care systems.This research concerned a qualitative case study investigating the development of user requirements for the co-design of a personal healthcare record aimed at health self-management.

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