Mona Heiland
Epilepsy, PhD Students, RCSI
Disease Areas:Epilepsy, Dravet
Thematic Area:Therapeutics
Areas of expertise:miRNAs, cannabinoids, electrophysiology
Supervisor:David Henshall
Mona is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof David Henshall in RCSI. Before she joined FutureNeuro, she completed a Master’s degree in Neuroscience in the University of Freiburg in Germany where she gained expertise in animal behaviour and electrophysiology. The aim of her PhD project focuses to determine the effects of cannabinoids, particularly cannabidiol (CBD), on miRNA expression in epilepsy. CBD showed its potential as an antiepileptic treatment, especially for drug-refractory genetic types of epilepsy, however the underlying molecular mechanisms of CBD’s antiseizure activity is still unknown. Mona investigates whether the antiepileptic effects of CBD are dependent on the regulation of microRNAs.
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