Omar Mamad
Epilepsy, Postdoctoral Researchers, RCSI
Disease Areas:Epilepsy, Angelman Syndrome
Thematic Area:Diagnostics, Therapeutics
Areas of expertise:Electrophysiology, Western blot, Optogenetic, Animal behavioral
Supervisor:David Henshall

Dr Omar Mamad is a Senior Post Doctoral Researcher in David Henshall’s lab. He holds a BSc in Biology; MS in Bioinformatics and a PhD in Neuroscience awarded by the University of Bordeaux Segalen in France and University Mohammed 5 in Rabat, Morocco. His PhD was awarded prize by the President of the University and the Minister of Education of Morocco for the best thesis in science 2015. Dr Omar Mamad worked at TCD since 2014 as a Research Fellow where he conducted research on the spatial properties of hippocampal place cells using electrophysiological and Optogenetic techniques. He joined on March 2020 FutureNeuro centre at Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. He is working purinergic signaling during epilepsy using novel drug. Dr Omar Mamad has collaborated within multiple international research groups in Morocco, France and Ireland. He helped in establishing the International Collaboration between TCD and UM5. He has to date published five first author articles in peer reviewed journals.

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