Susan Byrne
Clinician, RCSI, Research Fellows

Dr Susan Byrne is a Senior Lecturer in FutureNeuro/department of paediatrics in RCSI, and consultant paediatric neurologist in CHI at Crumlin. Susan graduated from medical school in Trinity College in 2005. Between 2009 and 2012 she completed her PhD in genetic epidemiology. Prior to her move back to Ireland in 2021, Susan worked as a paediatric Neurology consultant in the Evelina London Children’s hospital. During her time there, she specialized in neuroinflammatory disorders of childhood and paediatric stroke, as well as general paediatric neurology including neurogenetic conditions. Since completing her PhD, Susan has been interested in research and teaching. Her main area of interest is in genotype/phenotype correlation in the neurogenetic disorders of childhood. More recently she has been involved in describing the neurological features of PIMS-TS, which is the post inflammatory disorder associated with Covid-19 in children.


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