Tim Jacquemard
Epilepsy, Postdoctoral Researchers, RCSI
Email: TimJacquemard@rcsi.ie
Disease Areas:Epilepsy
Thematic Area:eHealth
Areas of expertise:Applied Ethics, electronic patient records, governance
Supervisor:Mary Fitzsimons

Tim Jacquemard's main research interests are the social and ethical effects of emerging technology. He is currently researching the governance and applied ethics of eHealth and in particular the ethics of electronic patient records, patient portals and data analytics. Besides his research, he works on governance around operationalising eHealth applications, which include writing GDPR documents for FutureNeuro eHealth Programme. One of his projects is to formulate conditions for safely and and legally leveraging clinically obtained data for research purposes. Before this position, his research was in technology assessment at the Rathenau Institute informing the general public and policymakers about the effects of technology on society. His educational background is in Philosophy having received a BA and MA in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam. He has obtained a PhD from the Dublin City University School of Computing and the Institute of Ethics.

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