New software to deliver faster and more accurate diagnoses in genetic epilepsies is the ambition of the partnership between Congenica and FutureNeuro.

The partnership, operating out of  Prof Gianpiero Cavalleri’s lab, will build on Congenica’s clinical genomics analysis software, Sapientia™, to assist clinicians in making more tailored treatment decisions for certain types of genetic epilepsy. At the moment, epilepsy is diagnosed using EEGs, CT scans or MRIs, which only provide a limited picture of a person’s epilepsy. Genomics, which focuses on the structure, function, mapping, and editing of genomes, is a new and powerful tool for reaching a molecular diagnosis, which in turn can inform and improve treatment options.

Congenica is a leading provider of clinical decision support software and services who have developed the gold-standard platform, Sapientia, for analysis, interpretation and generation of clinically actionable reports on patient derived genomic data. Headquartered at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, U.K., Sapientia’s underlying technology was spun out of the  pioneering research from the Sanger Institute and the platform continues to evolve by the well-renowned scientific staff and advisers.

Congenica aims to integrate genomics into healthcare by providing clinical genome analytics to support medical practitioners treating patients with genetic diseases, and thereby improving human health and personalised patient care. The company is at the forefront of partnering with leading clinical research and healthcare providers, charities and patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, and new medical paradigms in orphan diseases.