Assessing the role of rare genetic variants in drug-resistant, non-lesional focal epilepsy



Stefan Wolking , Claudia Moreau , Mark McCormack , Roland Krause, Martin Krenn, EpiPGx Consortium; Samuel Berkovic , Gianpiero L Cavalleri , Norman Delanty Chantal Depondt , Michael R Johnson , Bobby P C Koeleman , Wolfram S Kunz , Holger Lerche , Anthony G Marson, Terence J O’Brien , Slave Petrovski , Josemir W Sander , Graeme J Sills , Pasquale Striano , Federico Zara , Fritz Zimprich , Sanjay M Sisodiya , Simon L Girard , Patrick Cossette


Resistance to antiseizure medications (ASMs) is one of the major concerns in the treatment of epilepsy. Despite the increasing number of ASMs available, the proportion of individuals with drug-resistant epilepsy remains unchanged. In this study, we aimed to investigate the role of rare genetic variants in ASM resistance. Read the full work here. 


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