Climate change and epilepsy: Insights from clinical and basic science studies

Medine I. Gulcebi, Emanuele Bartolini, Omay Lee, Christos Panagiotis Lisgaras, Filiz Onat, Janet Mifsud, Pasquale Striano, Annamaria Vezzani, Michael S. Hildebrand, Diego Jimenez-Jimenez, Larry Junck, David Lewis-Smith, Ingrid E. Scheffer, Roland D. Thijs, Sameer M. Zuberi, Stephen Blenkinsop, Hayley J. Fowler, Aideen Foley, Epilepsy Climate Change Consortium, Sanjay M. Sisodiya
  • Climate change may affect the risk of epilepsy, seizure control or comorbidities.
  • Multiple diverse factors may mediate risks of global warming on epilepsy.
  • The unpredicted SARS-CoV-2 pandemic shows how global health challenges can erupt.
  • We have opportunity to adapt and mitigate across health sectors for climate change.

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