Elevated blood purine levels as a biomarker of seizures and epilepsy


Edward Beamer, Austin Lacey ,Mariana Alves, Giorgia Conte, Faming Tian, Laura de Diego‐Garcia, Mohamed Khalil, Felix Rosenow, Norman Delanty, Nicholas Dale, Hany El‐Naggar , David C. Henshall, Tobias Engel

There is a major unmet need for a molecular biomarker of seizures or epilepsy that lends itself to fast, affordable detection in an easy‐to‐use point‐of‐care device. Purines such as adenosine triphosphate and adenosine are potent neuromodulators released during excessive neuronal activity that are also present in biofluids. Their biomarker potential for seizures and epilepsy in peripheral blood has, however, not yet been investigated. The aim of the present study was to determine whether blood purine nucleoside measurements can serve as a biomarker for the recent occurrence of seizures and to support the diagnosis of epilepsy.

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