Neuronal cell-based high-throughput screen for enhancers of mitochondrial function reveals luteolin as a modulator of mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum coupling


Luana Naia , Catarina M Pinho , Giacomo Dentoni , Jianping Liu , Nuno Santos Leal , Duarte M S Ferreira , Bernadette Schreiner , Riccardo Filadi , Lígia Fão , Niamh M C Connolly , Pontus Forsell , Gunnar Nordvall, Makoto Shimozawa , Elisa Greotti , Emy Basso , Pierre Theurey, Anna Gioran, Alvin Joselin, Marie Arsenian-Henriksson , Per Nilsson , A Cristina Rego , Jorge L Ruas , David Park , Daniele Bano, Paola Pizzo Jochen H M Prehn , Maria Ankarcrona

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a common feature of aging, neurodegeneration, and metabolic diseases. Hence, mitotherapeutics may be valuable disease modifiers for a large number of conditions. In this study, we have set up a large-scale screening platform for mitochondrial-based modulators with promising therapeutic potential

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