Shaping the future of European epilepsy research: Final meeting report from EPICLUSTER.


Henshall DC, Arzimanoglou A, Dedeurwaerdere S, Guerrini R, Jozwiak S, Kokaia M, Lerche H, Pitkänen A, Ryvlin P, Simonato M, Sisodiya SM.



Collaboration is essential to the conduct of basic, applied and clinical research and its translation into the technologies and treatments urgently needed to improve the lives of people living with brain diseases and the health professionals who care for them. EPICLUSTER was formed in 2019 by the European Brain Research Area (EBRA) to support the coordination of epilepsy research in Europe. A key objective was to provide a platform to discuss shared research priorities by bringing together scientists and clinicians with multiple stakeholders including patient organisations and industry and the networks and infrastructures that provide healthcare and support research. Additional objectives were to facilitate access and sharing of data and biosamples, working together to ensure epilepsy is a priority for research funding, and embedding a culture of public and patient involvement (PPI) among epilepsy researchers. In this meeting report, we summarise the shared research priorities discussed by the leadership of EPICLUSTER at the recent final meeting. We also briefly review the discussion on patient and industry priorities, guidance on starting PPI for epilepsy researchers, and the sustainability of funding and infrastructures needed to ensure a comprehensive stakeholder-embedded community for epilepsy research.


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