TRICALS: creating a highway toward a cure


van Eijk RPA, Kliest T, McDermott CJ, Roes KCB, Van Damme P, Chio A, Weber M, Ingre C, Corcia P, Povedano M, Reviers E, van Es MA, Al-Chalabi A, Hardiman O, van den Berg LH.

A change in our current approach toward drug development is required to improve the likelihood of finding effective treatment for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The aim of the Treatment Research Initiative to Cure ALS (TRICALS) is to extend the collective effort with industry and consolidate drug development paths. TRICALS has begun a series of meetings on how to best move the field forward collaboratively, thereby addressing five major topics in ALS clinical trials: (1) preclinical research, (2) biomarker development, (3) eligibility criteria, (4) efficacy endpoints and (5) innovative trial design. There is an appetite for ongoing discussions of these major topics in clinical trials between representatives from academia, patient advocacy groups, industry partners and funding bodies. Industry is open to fundamentally change drug development for ALS and shorten the time to effective therapy for patients by implementing promising innovations in biomarker development, trial design, and patient selection. There is however, a pressing need from all stakeholders for regulatory discussions and amendments of current guidelines to successfully adopt innovation in future clinical development lines.


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