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Catherine Mooney

BSc Computer Science, Athens University of Economics and Business 2008-2016

MSc Biostatistics, University of Glasgow, 2016-2017, Dissertation: Using Machine Learning with prescribing data to identify diagnosis/morbidity

And now my PhD which is my FutureNeuro project is supervised by Dr Catherine Mooney at UCD

The aim of the PhD is to develop Machine Learning models in order to interrogate epilepsy- and ALS-specific datasets. The first part of the project involves the analysis of data on around 100 patients who suffer from ALS and their primary caregivers, collected via interviews and through the Irish ALS Register. The second part of the project concerns mining the Epilepsy EHR in order to:

  • develop a profile of epilepsy patients in Ireland,
  • identify the High-Cost High-Need (HCHN) patients, who represent about 50% of the healthcare costs, although only 5% of the number of epilepsy patients
  • develop a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), which could provide insights into the progression of the disease, the response to treatment and the risk factors, and could support the development of an appropriate treatment plan.

Research Areas