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I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science in UCD. I have more than 14 years of experience in machine learning and more recent experience in the development of predictive biomarkers.

Prior to joining UCD in October 2016, I was a Research Fellow in Prof David Henshall’s epilepsy research group in the Physiology and Medical Physics Department of The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, specialising in bioinformatics and computational biology. I completed my PhD in Computer Science at UCD in 2008, followed by a four-year post-doctoral position in clinical bioinformatics with Prof Denis Shields in the School of Medicine and Medical Science, UCD. In 2014 I received a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Advance Award, which supports researchers with substantial industrial relevance to their research. The two-year project focused on identifying biomarkers in blood from babies at risk of seizures with the ultimate aim of applying these discoveries towards point-of-care and lab-on-a-chip diagnostics.

Currently, my research is focused on developing EEG biomarkers of epilepsy. Through my research to date, I have created a distinct niche in the biomarker field tackling important challenges including how to combine cutting-edge computational and biomedical techniques to efficiently integrate multiple data types into a single biomarker. I continue to collaborate with Prof David Henshall in RCSI as a Funded Investigator in the SFI funded  FutureNeuro research centre.

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