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Gianpiero Cavalleri is Deputy Director of FutureNeuro, Professor of Human Genetics at RCSI and Director of the Human Genetic Variation Research Group, one of the largest human genetics research groups in Ireland. He is also Deputy Director (Translational Research) of the RCSI Office of Research and Innovation

Gianpiero received his Ph.D. in human genetics at University College London in 2006. Prior to his arrival at RCSI, he worked at the Institute for Genome Science and Policy at Duke University, North Carolina. He was appointed to faculty at RCSI in 2008. Prof. Cavalleri has published over 100 articles in leading peer reviewed international journals including Nature, Nature Genetics, PNAS and the New England Journal of Medicine. A feature of his research is its diversity, and his research group works at the interface of computational biology, clinical research and human evolution. His key scientific discoveries include the identification of one of the strongest signatures of natural selection detected in the human genome to date, characterizing genetic predictors of cutaneous adverse reactions to anti-epileptic drugs and describing fine scale population structure across the island of Ireland, and within the indigenous Irish Traveller community.

Prof. Cavalleri plays a key role in the Diagnostics component of FutureNeuro. His team is applying the latest generation of DNA sequencing techniques to identify novel genetic causes of epileptic encephalopathies and improve the diagnostic yield of genetic sequencing in the epilepsy clinic. He is also working to identify genetic changes that can guide the safer prescribing of anti-epileptic drugs, so as to avoid adverse drug reactions. Via FutureNeuro, Prof. Cavalleri is helping to deliver precision therapeutics for epilepsy.

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Current Awards

The microbiome as an environmental trigger for autoimmune epilepsy (MICA)

Health Research Board / HRB Oxford University 3 Jul 2018

To connect genetic signatures of natural physiological hypoxia-related traits in individuals of Sherpa ancestry

Irish Research Council (IRC) 9 May 2018

Deciphering molecular basis of neurological morbidities in a consanguineous Irish population

Enterprise Ireland H2020 Support 6 Dec 2017


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