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Graduated with a Genetics major from UCD. Kelvin is aspired to use his knowledge to further study human neurological disorders revolving genetical output. He then enrolled to RCSI Ph.D. programme to pursue his postgraduate studies under the tutelage of Professor David C. Henshall.

His project focuses on discovering novel microRNA biomarker in paediatric genetic epilepsies, e.g. Dravet Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, and Angelman Syndrome. The overall objective is to able to discover microRNA(s) that would be used in clinical biomarker for accurate diagnosis of different epilepsies. 

His project will also focus on developing epilepsy organoid model from patient-derived induced pluripotent cells to study the similar objective. Organoids are used in this context as it would provide a good ex vivo model to study epilepsy since the disorder itself is complex and therefore it is challenging to study in the model organism. He believed that the organoid also serves as a platform to help further understand the genetic pathophysiological framework of human epilepsy. 

Research Areas