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Matthew Campbell

I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Genetics. I am now a PhD student in Dr Matthew Campbell’s laboratory at the Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin. Research in the laboratory is centred on the role of the blood brain and inner blood retinal barriers in disease (BBB and iBRB), with a focus on the tight junctions between adjacent microvascular endothelial cells of the BBB. The BBB serves to separate the central nervous system (CNS) from the circulatory system and has been shown to be disrupted in a number of CNS disorders. A link between the BBB and epilepsy has been highlighted in studies demonstrating BBB leakage as an early characteristic following seizures. The primary aim of my research project is to investigate the role of tight junctions associated with the BBB in epilepsy onset and progression, and also to investigate the modulation of tight junction proteins as a method of enhancing the delivery of therapeutics to the CNS.

Research Areas