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Norman Delanty is a Funded Investigator in FutureNeuro. He is a Consultant Neurologist in Beaumont Hospital, where he is the Director of the Epilepsy Programme and he is also an Honorary Associate Professor in RCSI.

As Director of the Beaumont Epilepsy Programme, he has overseen the development of the clinical programme with responsibility for in excess of 7,000 patients, and has developed and managed a multi-disciplinary team of staff comprising of other consultant clinicians, clinical fellows, neurology house physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and clinical research staff. He has initiated a biobank of DNA samples from epilepsy patients, which currently has over 2,000 samples and continues to expand. He was the initiator and lead clinician in the development of a bespoke epilepsy electronic patient record, which is now in daily use across the county for clinical, and research purposes, and which now contains phenotypic information of over 8,000 patients. He instigated the Irish Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register, now linked with the UK register, which has currently 1,200 registrations in Ireland.

Within FutureNeuro, he is Co-leading the establishment of a best practice biobanking process in Beaumont Hospital as well as the collection of biosamples, adult and pediatric, beyond Dublin to facilitate a FutureNeuro national research remit.

He also  contributes to our monthly Epilepsy Genetic Review meetings; where researchers and clinicians review the genetic contributors arising from FutureNeuro research to support clinical diagnosis.  

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