We are seeking a Data Scientist to join the team to work on research projects related to unlocking healthcare data to drive continuous quality and safety improvement in patient care. The Data Scientist will join a team responsible for creating the conditions that safeguard data subjects’ rights to privacy and confidentiality when their healthcare data is used for a secondary purpose. The successful candidate will employ data analytics to discover and present insights from relevant clinical data sources to inform clinical practice and healthcare policy. The candidate will also participate in industry-facing projects.

He/she will work with clinical practitioners and researchers to elicit data analytics requirements and generate meaningful and understandable reports using appropriate methods and data visualization tools. They will be based at RCSI, St Stephen’s Green and work with the multidisciplinary FutureNeuro team.

The primary responsibilities of the role include:

  1.  A review of literature on the application of data analytics in the evaluation of quality indicators and clinical outcomes in healthcare care.
  2. Creation of an data dictionary for the Irish National Epilepsy Electronic Patient Record (EPR) to describe its contents, structure and relationship between its elelments.
  3. Completion and presentation of a feasibility study to demonstrate the data-level capability of the National Epilepsy EPR.
  4. Conduct one-to-one interviews & focus groups with key informants e.g. Consultant Epileptologists; Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) in Epilepsy, People living with epilepsy and/or care-partners to establish a set of meaningful questions on clinical outcomes in epilepsy care.
  5. Refine questions of interest to elucidate data elements and data availability required to address the question.
  6. Assess capability of National Epilepsy EPR to address the identified questions of interest.
  7. Establish the technical and organisational/administrative requirements to access required data from National Epilepsy EPR.
  8. Perform exploratory Epilepsy EPR-based analysis of data to generate and validate a subset of data analytics models.
  9. Develop data models and algorithms to apply to data sets of interest.
  10. Work with National epilepsy EPR industry partner to design, develop and implement enhaced data visualization tools that facilitate data analytics and interpretation.
  11. Ensure all data analytics work is conducted in compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines (e.g. GDPR).
  12. Manage risk associated with data analytics work.
  13. Work in a collegial and co-operative manner with other members of the FutureNeuro team and the principal investigator.
  14. Develop a detailed plan for conducting the elements of the project work for which you are responsible.
  15. Manage documentation related to FutureNeuro data analytics work.
  16. Engage in on-going dissemination activities as directed by, and under the supervision of, the principal investigator.
  17. Establish a mechanism for monitoring progress of your work and report progress regularly to the project management team.
  18. Report to Principal Investigator on operational matters.
  19. Write project reports and prepare and submit manuscript(s) for publication.

Preferred qualifications

  • An appropriate qualification to Masters or PhD level.

Person Specification

  • Proven analytical problem solver.
  • An appreciation, understanding and experience of the role of data analytics in driving quality, safety and efficiency improvement in health services.
  • Data management experience.
  • Experience using relational databases and data visualisation tools.
  • Experience with statistical computer languages such as R or Python.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning techniques.
  • Experience of using advanced statistical techniques.
  • Strong organisational and administrative skills with the ability to focus on and produce results and prioritise objectives.
  • A self-starter, with strong initiative (“sees what has to be done”).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to think abstractly and work at high-levels of abstraction.
  • Able to successfully manage the multiple concurrent issues, ambiguities, and contradictions.
  • Comfortable working with a wide range of people e.g. clinicians, health service managers, researchers.
  • Flexible when confronted with evolving goals and requirements.
  • Ability to influence people and organizations without formal power.
  • Project management experience.

Application Process:

Please apply online at http://www.rcsi.ie/careers with your CV and Covering Letter no later than 5pm on Friday May 31st 2019