The Consortium

The BESTS solution is powered by a multi-stakeholder consortium

The BESTS solution is powered by a multi-stakeholder consortium of clinical scientists, academic researchers, ethicists and industry partners. Partners include the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Singularity Alpha (Akkure), and Microsoft.

It is through the combination of expertise that the partners will develop a truly game-changing solution for how patients engage in clinical trials and other health-related research activities.

  • “The BESTS Programme is the first real world implementation of clinical trials being truly put in the hands of the patient and volunteer. The last year has taught us so much about how people want to be involved with their healthcare. The outcomes of BESTS will enable ownership of data, decision making regarding involvement and the whole clinical trials process to be more transparent. BESTS allows a trial to put the patient at the centre of the research and offer a new level of insight to be driven from not just the data the patient offers but their own insight into the process."
    Richard Corbridge, Chair of BESTS Board
  • The consortium is coordinated by Prof Gianpiero Cavalleri at RCSI and with the support of the FutureNeuro team will provide specialised expertise in genomics, data analytics, clinical trials, and eHealth.

    “In an era of increasing privacy concerns, I’m really excited by the potential of this BESTS platform to empower the individual in controlling their health data and engaging more actively in clinical research and trials”
    Professor Gianpiero Cavalleri, Deputy Director of FutureNeuro
  • Singularity Alpha (Akkure), the SME partner in this consortium is an Irish digital health start-up company. Prof Oran Rigby and his innovative team will provide the crucial digital health technology and artificial intelligence for trial matching.

    “Singularity Alpha are excited to partner on this and to realise the shared vision of transforming patient engagement and data into new therapeutics and cures”
    Professor Oran Rigby, founder of Singularity Alpha
  • Microsoft, an American multinational with a strong base in Ireland, Microsoft will provide the expertise and capacity for data storage.

    "Microsoft Ireland is delighted to be working with this programme and to build the next generation cloud platform to enhance patient outcomes. This is a grounding breaking initiative"
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