FutureNeuro brings together internationally recognised neuroscientists, clinical neurologists, geneticists, cell-biologists, analytical and materials chemists from five different third level institutions (RCSI, TCD, UCD, DCU, NUI Galway), as well as a wider network of clinical neurologists and health-focused  collaborators across Ireland.  

The goal is to:

  • Discover genetic contributions to neurological disease and drug treatment response to inform clinical decisions on personalised therapies and models for drug discovery
  • Develop network molecular therapeutics and biomarkers based on noncoding RNAs
  • Deploy an integrated e-health infrastructure for patient management and clinical research accelerate discoveries.

Until now, there has been no disease-focused Centre or a coordinated approach, where Diagnosis, Therapeutics and E-Health are linked. 

We uniquely combine these three thematic areas, mapped closely to targeted projects with our industry partners to leverage and create exceptionally strong synergy between basic, clinical and applied (industry-focused) research capacity.

Research Areas