On World Brain Day, 22nd July the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) launched their report on online service provision across neurological care services in response to COVID19. When the pandemic hit in 2020, many services moved online resulting in significant changes for both service users and service providers.

Featured in the report are the findings from the NAI webinar, “Beyond COVID19: Promoting digital responses to the needs of people with neurological conditions” chaired by Principal Investigator with FutureNeuro Professor Colin Doherty.

During the panel discussion, Prof Doherty noted that his particular service was better prepared than many for pivoting to telehealth provision during the pandemic, but that there had already been an increasing appetite for a different approach to healthcare provision, using technology, pre-Covid-19. He
outlined details of the eHealth Lighthouse Epilepsy EPR project, and said it was all about making the patient a member of the healthcare team; being involved in updating, validating and accessing their own healthcare information/record, reporting on their progress and outcomes; essentially taking on an active
role in managing their health.

“Key is the rise of the informed patient and bringing them on board and asking them what do they actually want [from their healthcare services] as opposed to just assuming what they need, and to be more involved in the design of services,” said Prof Doherty.

With a foreword by Professor Martin Curley: Head of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation in the HSE, “Looking Beyond COVID19: Embracing Digital Solutions for Neurological Care” documents the response across neurological care to the challenges and opportunities involved in the use of online technology and explores the lessons for the future delivery of services.

FutureNeuro were delighted to contribute to this debate and welcome the launch of this publication.

You can download the report from the NAI website here. 

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