Meet The FutureNeuro Centres 2018 RCSI Summer Students!


The FutureNeuro Centre are delighted to be participating in the Royal College of Surgeons Research Summer School for the first time. The Research Summer School Programme provides undergraduate students an opportunity to become involved in research projects during the summer months. The four students chosen by the FutureNeruo Centre will spend eight weeks in laboratory or clinical setting, working on a research project under the supervision of one of the centres Principal Investigators.

The eight-week programme includes Research Skills Workshops and a hands-on approach to learning what life in research and a career in academic might look like. Students will also participate in the Friday Discovery Series, where the students directly interact with well-known and established researchers, as well as other students that are participating in the programme.

During the summer, students are highly encouraged to participate in laboratory/clinical meetings, data analysis and journal clubs.  At the end of the eight-week project students are required to submit an abstract, a completed poster and a PowerPoint presentation of their research findings. It is an exciting and busy summer ahead for Jack, Therese, Sarah and Sorcha!

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