Exploring the prevalence and profile of epilepsy across Europe using a standard retrospective chart review: Challenges and opportunities


Christine Linehan Ailbhe Benson Alex Gunko Jakob Christensen Yuelian Sun Torbjorn Tomson Antony Marson Lars Forsgren Eugen Trinka  Catrinel Iliescu Julie Althoehn Sonderup Julie Werenberg Dreier Carmen Sandu Madalina LeancaLucas Rainer Teia Kobulashvili Claudia A Granbichler Norman Delanty Colin Doherty Anthony Staines Amre Shahwan ESBACE Consortium and Collaborators

his study aimed to determine the prevalence of epilepsy in four European countries (Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and Romania) employing a standard methodology. The study was conducted under the auspices of ESBACE (European Study on the Burden and Care of Epilepsy). See the full publication here. 


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